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Tell us what your requirements are. And consider it done.

We are happy to be your partner for home & personal care products. You can also contact us for hot drinks such as coffee and tea. We develop products and product concepts with a private label, brand label or fancy label especially for you. Or you choose our own label. We take care of it from start to finish.

With our products you are assured of quality. In addition, we have everything in-house to quickly respond to trends and your requirements. We deliver our products at the agreed time, without losing sight of the product and quality requirements. Including, of course, the associated laws and regulations. In short, you get quality on time.















Our method

With a skilled team, we work towards our goal every day: a popular, sustainable and profitable product range on the shelves of every retail chain.

We take hard work for granted. Our team is passionate about delivering your order correctly and on time. We believe in the importance of good collaboration. That is why we invest in our customers and we always contact you personally. De Jong & Partners is a good choice: as a partner, as a supplier and as an employer.


Establishment of De Jong & Partners Venlo B.V.



Construction and commissioning of current business premises



10-year Anniversary



Expansion warehouse Venlo



Expansion 2.0: even more warehouse


20-year Anniversary

De Jong & Partners

We are still growing. And we are happy to continue to do so, with you as a partner. Together we ensure that your customers continue to buy our popular, sustainable and cost-effective products. You can rely on us. Now and in the future.
















Sustainable entrepreneurship starts with the first step: developing the product. We will discuss your requirements. We ensure that our products follow the trends in the field of sustainability, with the EU Ecolabel. The packaging is also part of this process. We choose packaging that is recyclable or made from recycled materials as much as possible. We also make sustainable choices in logistics. Half-full pallets? Boxes with a lot of air in them? Not on our watch. The aim is to achieve the highest pallet efficiency. Beneficial for you as a customer and for the environment.

Our Products

Looking for home & personal care products? De Jong & Partners is a logical choice for you. We know our products through and through. You choose. And we take care of it. From product composition, to label design and quality control. Whether you choose products with a private label, brand label or fancy label or our own label. We also take care of logistics. In short, choose us as your professional partner and we will take care of everything for you. 















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